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Unleash the power of QuickBooks with an accounting course that you won’t find anywhere else, this program is QuickBooks learning delivered differently which prepares you to be 100% QuickBooks ready!

This QuickBooks Basics course will set you up with the confidence to navigate and understand QuickBooks key concepts, increase your software accounting skills to an introductory level or beyond. This course will enable you to develop a strong understanding and practical knowledge of QuickBooks to use the software with increased ability whilst growing your career options in bookkeeping or accounting.

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Course outline:

The QuickBooks Basics course is designed to provide skills and knowledge which will allow accountants administrators, small business owners and bookkeepers to enter and maintain accounting data as well as prepare financial reports such as BAS preparation reports and profit and loss reports.

By completing a QuickBooks Basics course, you will develop your accounting expertise and build the job-ready skills and knowledge to:

  • Learn the importance of recordkeeping
  • Common bookkeeping mistakes business owners make
  • Setting up QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Accounts and Settings
  • Creating your Products and Service Items list
  • Working with Customers (Accounts Receivable): Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts and Payments
  • Working with Vendors (Accounts Payable): Bills, Payments, Expenses and Checks
  • Running basic reports
  • Using QuickBooks Online’s built-in automation features

Course Modules

  • Setting up QuickBooks Online
  • Getting around in QuickBooks Online
  • Navigation tricks & tips
  • Should you import or start fresh?
  • Account and Settings Preferences
  • Setting up users
  • Setting up a company file
  • The Banking Center
  • Understanding sales tax
  • Completing sales tax reviews and reports
  • Reconciling your records
  • Owner Transactions
  • Customer and Vendor Receivables
  • Understanding Chart of Accounts
  • Understanding reconciliation
  • How to reconcile bank accounts
  • Why do I have unmarked transactions?
  • How to fix duplicated transactions
  • Finishing a reconciliation
  • Reports and history to verify reconciliation
  • Undoing previous reconciliations
  • How to reconcile corporate credit cards
  • Run and view financial reports (e.g., balance sheet and profit and loss statement)
  • How to set up custom reports

Course information

The QuickBooks Basics course is comprised of online, self-paced modules delivered through the Ab² digital learning portal.

Ab2 will support you throughout your program completion by:

  • Online learning, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime
  • One on one and group coaching sessions with industry experts
  • 24/7 support
  • Student Facebook groups so you can connect with your fellow learners!

The recommended time to complete this course is 15 hours, but the duration is still completely up to you!

  • A working computer with Microsoft Office
  • An internet connection

We’re available 24/7 to help if any tech issues happen, reach out to us at enquires@Ab²institute.com


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