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Are you interested in a career in bookkeeping and want to stand out from other candidates? This short course is the place to start.

The accounting and bookkeeping industry includes the most in-demand careers right now. The Introduction to Bookkeeping course will arm you with the fundamentals you require to grasp the basic concepts of bookkeeping principles and get you on your way to growing your career, increasing your earning potential, and adding value to an employer.

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  • Course developed and taught by real world industry leaders, not academics
  • 100% flexible – Study online, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Industry connections to connect you with employers and industry contacts

Who should enrol in this course

  • Bookkeepers, accountants or firms who are using or considering using Xero
  • Those wanting to get into a bookkeeping or accounting career who wish to develop a better understanding of accounting concepts and how they are used in Xero
  • Business professionals who want to expand their accounting software skills

Course Outline:

This Xero Basics course teaches you the ins and outs of sales invoices and payments, purchase orders, generating quotes and producing reports such as balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.

This course will get you up to speed with everything you need to know to start using Xero and take your accounting software skills to the next level.

By completing the Xero Basics course, you will develop your accounting expertise and build the job-ready skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand how Xero plays a part in an accounting or bookkeeping business
  • Understand how to do accounts payables and accounts receivables processes in Xero
  • Reconcile reports, including running and lodging a BAS

Course Modules

Fundamentals of Xero including:

  1. Creating an organisation
  2. Understanding Xero dashboard
  3. Adding a tax rate
  4. Creating email templates
  5. Users – adding, editing and removing a user
  6. Understanding files and how to upload invoices into files
  7. Xero HQ
  1. Setting up a company file and where to do this as an advisor
  2. Chart of accounts
    1. Using Xero Chart of accounts
    2. Adding new accounts, delete, merging and archiving accounts
    3. Exporting and importing chart of accounts and how to amend
  3. Conversion balances
  4. Company settings
  5. Opening bank balances
    1. Exporting and importing CSV files
  6. Connect bank account to feed
  7. Managing and adding contacts
  8. Setup products and services
  9. Advanced settings
    1. Financial dates
    2. Lock dates
    3. Tax rates
    4. Tracking categories
  1. Sales dashboard
  2. Invoice stages
  3. Quote
  4. Creating an invoice
  5. Voiding invoices
  6. Copying invoices
  7. Sending invoices
  8. Creating and allocating a credit note, overpaid/prepaid Invoice
  9. Repeating invoices
  10. Customer statements
  11. Purchases dashboard
  12. Bills stages
  13. Purchase orders to invoice
  14. Batch payments
  15. Send remittance advices
  16. Inventory (adding, setting up, importing, updating/removing, adjustments and resolving common inventory problems)
  1. Understanding the statement balance
  2. Find the imported bank statement
  3. Understanding the balance in Xero
  4. Auto matching and cash coding
  5. Remove and redo
  6. Allocating part payments
  7. Bank rules
  8. Transfers
  9. Multiple invoice payment
  10. Duplicate banking transactions
  11. Complete a bank reconciliation report
  12. Fix errors (import, bank rules and statement balance)
  1. Introduction to Xero Add-Ons
    1. Projects
    2. Add tasks, project quotes, staff cost rates, create and approve expenses
  1. Setting up the BAS
  2. Running and lodging a BAS
  1. End-of-year reports
  2. View, publish and export reports
  1. Adding an asset
  2. Disposal of an asset
  3. Maintaining fixed asset register
  4. Depreciation and reconciliation
  1. Setup, submitting, approving and analysing

Course information

The Xero Basics course is comprised of online, self-paced modules delivered through the Ab² digital learning portal.

At Ab2, we pride ourselves on providing the best student experience, and we will support you throughout the whole of your program completion by providing:

  • Online learning, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime
  • One on one and group coaching sessions with industry experts
  • 24/7 support
  • Student Facebook groups so you can connect with your fellow learners!

15-20 hours

6 months from enrolment


  • A working computer with Microsoft Office
  • An internet connection

Once we receive your enrolment, your Ab2 Student Experience Advisor will reach out to see if he or she can answer questions about starting the program.


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